Create, Sustain and Be the New You

Clothes on a clothing rack.
How to recreate your wardrobe in 2023.

Our intentions to create and reinvent ourselves are still top of mind for a lot of us. For those of you who want to craft the new you, consider these three tips.

  1. Envision what you want your future self to look like. Do you want to be more confident, bold or observant? How about more active and less sedentary? There are no wrong answers.
  2. Think of colors, silhouettes and clothes that articulate your vision. For confidence, wear colors that stand out, including red, bright blue, yellow and fuchsia. To be more observant, wear colors that blend in, such as gray, brown, cream and black. For an active vibe, think sporty, and incorporate fashion sneakers into your everyday looks, so you are ready to get up and move at any time.
  3. Keep what you love and incorporate the new. That goes for clothes as well as your behavior and character traits. If you embraced the Coastal Grandmother trend, keep those cozy neutral sweaters, and add a bold-colored scarf to match your new bold attitude.

Incorporating the old with the new is the key to achieving you “new you” goals.

Nikki Steele is the owner of Nikki Steele Style. Find more at